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My first Smartphone, a Motorola was named Laura.  Her GPS and in turn the directions she gave were interesting to say the least.  Hawaii will never be the same after Laura visited in 2012.

Next came the iPhone 5 Annette who served until iOS updates were no longer available and she became a security risk, not to mention rather pokey.

Shortly after Annette joined the family, Mel acquired an iPhone 5s still affectionately known as Bernadette.  Bernadette doesn’t give as good of direction as Annette did but she has her shining moments.  If Apple can manage to produce another ‘small’ phone like the 5s yet with more current hardware than the SE, Annette will be retired.

Next up was and is Claudette, affectionately known as Claud.  After the size of Annette, Claud is huge being a Pixel 2.