On Ice Guide

EPHA Squirt C 2023-2024

  1. Only properly credentialled non-players should be on the ice with the players USA Hockey Rules
  2. Players are expected to give their best effort
  3. Players are expected to show respect to opposing teams, teammates, coaches, officials, and the facilities.  Be a positive ambassador of Eden Prairie
  4. Coaches have a monopoly on negative criticism; Players will congratulate and build up their teammates
    1. The line between a helpful positive tip to a fellow player and a negative criticism is blurry, coaches will attempt to guide players toward constructive wording.
  5. Games
    1. Players on the bench will not call players on the ice to the bench, coaches will.
    2. If you see your line-mates changing out, assume you should to, don’t wait to be called.
    3. Advanced – If you notice your shift has gone over 90 seconds, look for an opportunity to help the team by getting back to the bench
    4. Penalties are a part of the game, coaches will let you know which ones are ‘good’, which are without merit, and which are ‘bad’
  6. When a whistle is blown, pay attention immediately and act on the context.
    1. Long whistles normally mean transition between activities.  Look to coaches/officials for instruction.  Leave pucks where they are, promptly skate to coach and take a knee.
    2. Short whistles usually mean it is time for the next group to participate or stage of a drill to begin
  7. Use your voice on the ice, hockey is not a silent sport
  8. When the ‘pucks in’ call is given, promptly get the pucks near the puck bag then pick up the pucks and put them in the puck bag; do not expect someone else to pick them up
  9. Etiquette
    1. Players will not enter the ice until a referee or coach has entered the ice or given the okay
    2. Shake hands/fist bump with the opposing team post-scrimmage/game after congratulating our goalie
      1. Our goalie should be first in the handshake line, other teams may have different approaches which we will respect
    3. The goalie is the first player to enter the ice whenever possible
    4. Allow the Home team to enter the ice first. Rulebook
    5. If there is a single exit point from the ice, the team on the bench closest to that door should exit first
    6. When there is an injury, players should open up a space to the injured player, then take a knee. When the player gets up or is otherwise removed from the ice, rise and tap sticks on the ice.